How to set up a litter box for rabbits?

Although rabbits are adorable, they can be quite smelly. If you are struggling to control the odor from your rabbit cages or you want to keep the rabbit’s cage neatly and tidy, then the key is the overall litter set up. Set up a litter box includes the types of box, the best litter for rabbits and also how to maintain and keep the box fresh. This post will guides you step-by-step instructions to do the job easily.

#1 Choosing a litter box

The first essential item for ideal set up is a large litter box. The box should be roomy enough for rabbit sit comfortably insider. The smaller box will soil more quickly, hold a little amount of hat so it also requires more frequently clean and changes. A small rabbit require at least 40cm x 25cm litter box. However, you should get the box larger than these dimensions. You rabbit also grow very quickly, so you should get the large box even when your rabbit still small. If you keep multiple rabbit, they also should be given larger litter box or more than one box.

#2 The best litter

The good litter is the critical factor that determines the capability to control odor of the box. Getting a best litter for rabbits with superior odor control can help in significantly reducing odors and improving the scent of their cage. You should note about which suit with the outdoor rabbit hutch. Apart from odor control, the litter also should be highly absorbent. That meant it will absorbs the urine throws at it and the litter will need to change less frequently. We recommend that you should use Carefresh litter. Placing 1 inch of carefresh in the bottom of the box and then adding a big handful of hay.

 #3 Maintain the litter box

If your bunny does not soil his box completely within a day, you just need to add more hay directly into the litter box twice or three times per day. It ensures that your bunnies are getting fresh hay throughout the day and also keep the cage smelly fresh for longer. When the box gets dirty, change and replace the entire litter and hay in the box. By adding new hay everyday, the litter box could go for 3-4 days or longer without noticeable odor.

Best Filter for 30 gallon Aquarium: Penn Plax Cascade Canister VS AquaClear Power

It is not easy to consider the best filter for 30 gallon aquarium, which is to maintain the cleanliness of your tank, provide adequate filtration and take less effort to clean the tank. A fish tank needs to have proper filtration in order for the good water condition, the health and survival of the fish. However, there are many types of these products on the market, so choosing one can be confusing for beginners, who do not have any experience in buying filters for 30 gallons tank. The following is about two filers for 30 gallons tank that we want to recommend for you: Penn Plax Cascade Canister Filter VS AquaClear Power Filter.

#1 Water-flow rate

The Water-flow rate is the amount of water that the fish tank filter can move every single hour. It is very important to check the flow rate since it will determine how efficient the filter is. For 30 gallons tank, it is better to get a filter that can be able to move at least 3 times all the water of the tank in one hour. That means 30 gallons tank should have a filter can process at least 90 gallons water per hour. Penn Plax is an ideal filter for any 30 gallons with a flow rate of 115 GPH. So it can filter the entirety water of 30 gallons tank for almost 4 times per hour. AquaClearn has a flow rate of 200 GPH, which means it can filter 7 times of the tank per hour. These two filters also come with the flow rate control valves. This allows users to set the flow rate at the ideal filtration level for your fish and your tank. You will not have to worry if the flow rate is too strong for your fish.

#2 Filtration process

Ideally, you should get the filters that offer three filter media. They are mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. Each filter media produce its own filter effect that can help your keep the cleanliness of the tank, remove harmful chemicals and support the colonization of good bacteria. Penn Plax includes 3 filter media above. Floss pad is used to remove any particular that contained in the water, and a coarse sponge that provides an abundant surface for encouraging bacterial growth. AquaClear also engages in all 3 major types of filtration. It is featured with Aqua Clear Foam, Activated Carbon and BioMax and Cycle Guard for continuous biological filtration.

#3 Easy to install and use

If you do not have much experience with the tank filters, so you should choose the easy-to-install device. The drawback of Penn Plax Filter is that it is Canister filter so it will take your space inside the tank and reduce the living space of your fish. However, it has an easy off the top and easy to handle tubing. Penn Pax also easy to use, you just need to push a button to control this device. AquaClear is the hang on back filter that means it will not take any space inside your tank. This device also comes with a few pieces that you will need to put together. It may take you some effort to install, but due to this feature, it also easier to clean and maintain.

Best Reptile Humidifier: Aiicioo Upgrade Reptile Humidifier VS Coospider Reptile Fogger

The reptiles require high humidity levels in their habitat. Some reptiles even need 80 to 90 percent humidity. You may have to maintain the humidity level in a reptile cage daily. It is where reptile humidifier comes to handle. The best reptile humidifier will help reptile keeper avoid some problems in reptile’s shedding process, respiratory issues and dehydration. This post is the detail about two popular reptile humidifiers that you should consider: Coospider Reptile Fogger.

#1 Capacity

The humidifiers will come with a large reservoir tank, where it takes the water and create the fog. Getting the humidifier with the larger capacity tank means that the humidifier will operate for longer before it needs to be refilled. Both Aiicioo and Coospider humidifiers come with the tank capacity of 3 litters. They will provide a high output of cool mist. With this larger capacity, these tow humidifiers allow you to use it for a long period of time. It can run for 3-4 days without the need to refill depends on the amount of mist.

#2 Control the mist output

Different reptiles will require different humidity and moisture levels. These humidity levels also change in different periods of a reptiles lifetime. Therefore, it is better to get the device that can be able to adjust the misting setting. Luckily, both Coospider and Aiicioo come with this feature.  You can easy to control the mist output by a rotary button on the front of the devices. These two humidifiers also provide up to 380 ml/hour. However, ensure that you know the humidity level that your reptiles need.

#3 Maintenance

While these two humidifiers come with the same features, Coospider still scored higher than Aiicioo since Coospider will take less effort of maintenance. Some users complain that Aiicioo humidifier suddenly not works sometimes and if it happened, you will need to clean the water in the flexible hose and try again. Another problem is that may Aiicioo may stop working after one month of using, then the fogger generator might be blocked by the impurities that are contained in the water. You will have to clean the Aiicioo humidifier with a clean cloth and try again. Coospider seems to be more durable than Aiicioo. However, some users realized that if the hose kink, then the water will drip out and leak.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Bedding For Bearded Dragons

Bedding or has been known as substrate, which is the material that covers the bottom of your bearded dragon’s enclosure. In addition to making the natural look for your tank, maintaining heat, regulating the humidity levels, wearing down bearded dragon’s nails, encourage burrowing behavior of bearded dragon, you have to find the best bedding for bearded dragons. One of the most important works you have to do as the owner of bearded dragons is choosing the right bedding to ensure they are happy and safe in their tank. These questions below are something maybe you will meet while choosing bedding for bearded dragons.

What is the best bedding for bearded dragons?

Safety: Ensure that you choose the all-natural materials and do not contain any toxic chemical or harmful dyes or colors. Easy to clean: Bedding is the thing that holds barded dragon’s wastes; therefore you will have to frequently clean it. The bedding should not take lots of effort to clean and replace. Humidity: Humidity is important for all reptiles. You should maintain humidity levels in bearded dragons tank about 35-40%. The best substrate for bearded dragons can help you control humidity levels and also help to dissipate heat, avoid dehydration. Odor control: Some bedding is treated with a biodegradable enzyme that helps you to control odors.

What are the proper ways to use bedding for bearded dragons?

Do not feed on bedding: There is always the risk of impaction or compaction gut causes by bearded dragons ingest their substrate. The best substrates bedding bearded dragons is one that does not cause too much of a bearded dragon's digestive system and is not easy to eat. You should place the food in which there is no bedding or use a food bowl to feed them. Clean the substrate: Frequently cleaning bedding will prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and strong smells. Some substrate such as liner, tiles will take less effort into maintaining. Loose substrate: Loose substrate like sand is considered as bad bedding for bearded dragons since intestinal compaction could happen if it is accidentally eaten. If you decide to use sand, it is better to use sand mixed with clean soil.

How to clean bearded dragons bedding?

Reptile carpet: At least once per month you should deep clean reptile carpet. Wash it with hot water and non-toxic cleaner or mild fragrance-free soap. Do not wash it with washing machine. Ceramic tile: At least once per month, disinfect the tile by basking it in the oven. Using the 9:1 mixture of water and red wine vinegar to remove bacteria. Loose substrate: Using a scooper to spot clean waste daily. Every 2 months you should replace all the loose substrate in the tank.

Best Betta Fish Tank: Fluval Flex 9 Gallon Vs. Marineland Portrait 5 Gallon

Finding the best betta fish tank can be a difficult task to do. You have to invest lots of effort, doing research about what is betta fish requirement. If you are a beginner and do not have any experience before, it is better to get started with the fish tank kit. Fluval Flex 9 gallon vs Marineland Portrait 5 gallon are two of those kits that easy, convenient, and come with almost all you need to keeping betta fish.

#1 Designed

The similar feature of Fluval Flax and Marineland is that they are rounded front and the curved corners which giving them a unique and elegant look. This also allows you to look at the fish from different angles and make the cleaning on the glass walls is easier. Marineland portrait 5 gallon is vertical; therefore it is quite difficult for you when cleaning since you will have to submerge your aim into the water when cleaning or changing water inside the tank. However, the portrait shape also allows you to place your aquarium in the placement that the normal standard aquarium wouldn’t fit. A Fluval Flex 9 gallon is a square shape that means you can put it at the place that the rectangle tanks couldn’t place.

#2 Size

Both tanks are considered the best aquarium starter kits with many suitable elements, including dimensions. 5 gallons tank size is compact, this size allows you to place your aquarium in the small space such as a desk. Besides, 5 gallon is the minimum tank size that you should provide for your betta fish, that means you should not keep them in the under 5 gallons sized tank. However, once you add substrate, decoration, and plant and into the tank, they are also taking the living space of your fish. In this case, Fluval Flex 9 gallons tank seems to be the better option for your betta fish. 9 gallons will provide enough space for the fish to swim around and also keeping the water conditions stay stable. It won’t require as much effort of maintenance as a smaller gallon tank.

#3 The lights

The advantage of lighting systems in Marineland Portrait 5 gallons is that it reproduces the light that betta has in their natural environment. These LED lights have a white and blue color. The white mimic natural sunlight on the water and the blue light mimics the beams of the moon on water at night. However, the drawback is that the amount of light that it emits is not enough for grow plants. The light of Fluval Flex 9 gallons gives you lots of benefits. It allows you to adjust the light brighter or dimmer easily, which you cannot do with the light of Marineland Portrait. It is also can change the colors from a variety of different colors. The only drawback is that sometimes it seems to be too bright for your fish.

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