if you are planing to go bowfishing, the best bowfishing boat is absolutely essential. The bowfishing boat help you easier access further areas of water where bow fishing usually takes place.

As you try to look for the right boat for the job, this post is some tips that can help you make the right decision and using your boat proper way.

#1 Boat specially designed for bowfishing

Some beginners may make the mistake to choose the boat is not specially designed for bowfishing. The boat for bowfishing is not only need to be mobility on the water, but also give you access to some of the shallower areas of a river or lake.

To sever this purpose the bowfishing boat have to have a flat bottom and a narrow v-shape. This is because a bow fishing activity usually take place in a water areas that are 2 to 5 feet deep, a flat bottom and narrow v-shape boat is much easier to get into these parts. There are some best types boat for bowfishing are: Jin Boats, Flat bottom Skiff, Pontoon Boats.

#2 Guard rail

When choosing a bowfishing boat, it is better to look for the one that includes a guard rail. If the boat you choose do not comes with the guard rail, you can buy it separately and add to your boat. The wave, wind and some other elements can create lack of sturdiness while shooting.

In this case when the boat would rock, the guard rail will prevent you from slipping and make your shot steadily.

#3 Bigger is always better

You may want to save money by getting a small boat. However, it is better to buy a bowfishing boat with plenty of room. This is not only mean you can comfortable move around the deck but also you do not need to worry about the space.

The bowfishing also be used at night, so you have to thick about the space for generator to power the bowfishing lights. It might take up a lot of room on the boat. Ensure that your boat is enough room for you and the generator.

Larger boat also has advantage of rocking lees on the water if it has to face with the waves. Lager boat is more stable and make the shoot easier.

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