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How to set up a litter box for rabbits?

    Although rabbits are adorable, they can be quite smelly. If you are struggling to control the odor from your rabbit cages or you want to keep the rabbit’s cage neatly and tidy, then the key is the overall litter set up.

    Set up a litter box includes the types of box, the best litter for rabbits and also how to maintain and keep the box fresh. This post will guides you step-by-step instructions to do the job easily.

    #1 Choosing a litter box

    The first essential item for ideal set up is a large litter box. The box should be roomy enough for rabbit sit comfortably insider. The smaller box will soil more quickly, hold a little amount of hat so it also requires more frequently clean and changes.

    A small rabbit require at least 40cm x 25cm litter box. However, you should get the box larger than these dimensions. You rabbit also grow very quickly, so you should get the large box even when your rabbit still small. If you keep multiple rabbit, they also should be given larger litter box or more than one box.

    #2 The best litter

    The good litter is the critical factor that determines the capability to control odor of the box. Getting a best litter for rabbits with superior odor control can help in significantly reducing odors and improving the scent of their cage. You should note about which suit with the outdoor rabbit hutch.

    Apart from odor control, the litter also should be highly absorbent. That meant it will absorbs the urine throws at it and the litter will need to change less frequently.

    We recommend that you should use Carefresh litter. Placing 1 inch of carefresh in the bottom of the box and then adding a big handful of hay.

     #3 Maintain the litter box

    If your bunny does not soil his box completely within a day, you just need to add more hay directly into the litter box twice or three times per day. It ensures that your bunnies are getting fresh hay throughout the day and also keep the cage smelly fresh for longer.

    When the box gets dirty, change and replace the entire litter and hay in the box. By adding new hay everyday, the litter box could go for 3-4 days or longer without noticeable odor.