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Advantages of eBusiness- What you should know

The top concerns for the CEO’s in any type of business these days are as follows:

  • Competition with strong competitors and threats posed by them
  • Controlling the costs of production and the gain of more and more profit
  • To find new opportunities
  • To improve the responsiveness by enhancing their brand through brand activation companies in Dubai
  • To ensure the customer satisfaction by having a better customer focus and service

Solution in the form of E-business
Mentioned above are all the benefits that are sought by CEOs today. E-business has the capability to provide all these benefits. Businesses of all types are employing the internet in a variety of ways. They are using internet in order to work and communicate well with their partners and suppliers for procurement and also for the internal activities of the respective company, such as to share the knowledge and developing new products and much more.
Companies gaining benefit from e-business
There are a number of companies who are gaining benefit by the help of e-business. You can take into account the example of big companies such as the United Technologies, J. Sainsbury, General Electric and a large number of many other companies who have realized the need of hour and are advancing in the field of business by means of a professional ecommerce website in Dubai. They are reporting a number of benefits from the use of internet, some of which are as follows:

  • They have gained an increase in the speed of response
  • They have saved the productivity and publicity cost
  • There has been a great benefit because of improvement in communication, information and knowledge sharing
  • There has been a reduction in the inventory
  • They have improved and enhanced their productivity and efficiency
  • They have gained harmonization and standardization of the procedures
  • There has been a better transfer of best practices
  • Attainment of new customers and increased sales has really helped the companies a lot
  • Companies have improved their customer service by the help of electronic means


However, all of these advantages have not been achieved by technology. If anything, technology just paves the way for you to achieve all these benefits. Actually, all of these benefits are attained by addressing the basic strategy, technology, organization, communication, people and business processes as an integrated whole and modification in all these dimensions together with improvement and enhancement.

It is a big advantage of the internet that it has created such a business environment in which time and business are not important. Through it, people now have a better access to a wide range of better products and services. The emergence of e-business and the internet has thus provided the entrepreneurs with a lot more advantages and opportunities. Hence, e-business is the source through which both buyers and sellers can gain cost saving advantages.