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The most important SEO terms

It is extremely important for every single web master to gain in depth knowledge about certain SEO terms so as to get better and higher ranking for their websites. There is a list of certain SEO terms that will help web master develop better strategies for the development of their websites and for adequate content writing as well. A few of these terms are:

1. Keyword
The term ‘keyword’ basically denotes two different things. First, it is a normal, typical keyword or even a phrase that comprises of the keyword itself and a few other additional terms. Such keywords are commonly known as long-tailed keyword phrases. As the owner of a website practicing SEO in Dubai, it is necessary for you to strive to rank higher in all search engines for particular keywords. The fact of the matter is that websites generally find it easier to rank higher in search engines for long-tail keyword phrases instead of just being focused on regularly used usual search phrases or keywords.

2. Keyword Density
This particular phrase denotes the amount of time that a particular keyword is used in the content that you have written. It can also be the number of times that particular words are used on your whole website for every hundred words. Keyword density most commonly ranges in between one percent and three percent. On the other hand, in cases where a keyword is excessively used, the end result is known as keyword stuffing.
3. Page Rank
This term is basically used to signify the standing that a particular website has achieved in search engines. The page rank of a website just when it starts off generally tends to be zero. However, once content and articles are added to it with the help of digital agencies in Dubai, and it starts receiving more and more traffic, there is a general increase in its page rank. The ranking also improves every time that the website is found by search robots. If you have a website that is rich in terms of content and has gained immense popularity, than there is a good chance that it will receive a three or four page rank in sometime. However, for this purpose, its link building and content creation and submission needs to be regular.

4. Link Popularity
Dependent over the quality/quantity of websites that have linked to your site and the amount of online traffic that you receive, link popularity is a good means of working out the overall popularity of your website. It is calculated by search engines in a number of manners. However, the major concern amongst search engines these days is to check out the relevancy of the links that your site has instead of just being focused on quantity.