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5 Things You Need To Know About Digital Printing

Digital printing in Dubai is considered as one of the most popular option for printing marketing collaterals and other printing orders. A lot of clients made some switch to reap the benefits of this type of printing.

But before you go for digital printing, it would be best to explore what this kind of printing is and if this printing option is perfect for your order. Here are some important things that you need to know:

  1. Take note of the colors

One of the most common mistakes that graphic artists commits is that they do not do color correction before they switch from RBG to CMYK. Once an image is converted to CMYK, it loses some of the information which leaves the printer a few colors to work with. So be sure to remind your graphic artist to make color corrections before you do the switch.

  1. Apply texture to solid designs

One of the disadvantages of digital printing is that there are instances that solid designs were printed unevenly. This is because digital printing uses toners which is apply in dry, thus, some of the material is not absorb fully on the material. Apart from making sure that the printer would keep an eye on how the toner is applied, you can also ask your graphic designer to apply texture to solid designs to help darken the print surface.

  1. Cost-efficient

One of the reasons why some people prefer to digital printing over offset printing press in Dubai is because it is inexpensive. Offset printing would require plates to be molded and created before the printer can proceed to the actual printing process. With no plates to mold, the printer can directly print the design. And there is no minimum printing orders required. Printers can accept as many orders as they want or you can ask them just to print a few.

  1. Fast delivery

Another know benefit of digital printing is that it can produce multitudes of printing order in a timely fashion. Since there are no plates to be molded and produced, the turn-around time is shorter than other types of printing.

  1. Environment-friendly

If you want to help the environment, then switching to digital printing is the right recourse. As there are no pre-press stages to do, there will be less waste and lesser environmental footprint.