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Advantages to LED screens over conventional TVs and displays

You must have heard and seen them in action and chances are that you may be planning to get one. if that’s on your mind, make sure to purchase one before you end up changing mind. First thing you should get in mind is to check those LED screen suppliers in Dubai. You may be looking to buy the screen for personal or commercial use. For that, it is assumed that you have requirements in place and want to fulfill them as soon as possible.

Very low radiation levels

Even in the most basic form, an LED screen is leaps and bound better than any vintage style TV. It is assumed that you have seen these screens in action. If you have, then you must have noticed just how amazing the performance. Add to that the very low, almost minimal margin of radiation level emitting from the screen. In fact, one of the most dangerous things about older generation of TVs was that they used to throw a good chunk of radiation on the eyes of viewers. That’s was the reason why experts advised viewers to maintain a good distance from the TV. That is not the case today, or not as dangerous as it once was anyway. You don’t have to sit ten feet away from the TV to avoid radiation. You can do that by simply sitting a couple of feet away. However, the best way of watching it is to do so in a room with ample light to avoid any radiation.


There is a big difference between the dimensions of a modern LED TV and a vintage bulky one. Both look quite different and feature different dimensions. Your conventional TV weighs almost twice as much as the LED in some cases. Moving it is difficult and almost always, you may need to have two personnel at least to move it around. This is not the case with the LED TV. You can move this thing around without any difficulty. Being lightweight also makes it easier to install. You don’t have to move the thing around too much. Just fix it in a wall and you will be able to watch it from any angle.

Display quality

Perhaps the most visible feature of an LED screen is its high quality, high definition displays. You will enjoy watching it regardless of where you stand or sit in the room. The LED display doesn’t lose colors and brightness even when you watch it from a corner.

Feeling intrigued to buy one already? Find out here now more about LEDs and why buying one can be a great idea.