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Kindergarten activities schools should try out

Fact of the matter is that kindergarten is the first place where children get to know the world they will spend their entire life in. Kids learn a few of the first things of their lives when they start going to a kindergarten. A child learns more things in a nursery in jvc than what you think he will. He will write the first alphabetical letters and numbers there. He will learn how to paint or how to draw his home, family and butterflies. He will even learn the first few games of his life from kindergarten. In short, kindergarten school plays a vital role in introducing a kid to the basic ideas of society and life. If you run a kindergarten and feel that your teaching staff lacks in creativity and productivity to develop interesting learning activities for kids, you must act fast to fix it. Following are a few ideas that will improve the productivity of kids that attend your kindergarten.

Activities focused on art

You can provide children with beautiful and colorful sheets that could attract them effectively. Make them decorate them with sticky shapes, alphabets, and numbers. Repeat the same by drawing shapes, alphabets and numbers on the sheets and ask kids to trace, fill and over write them with color pencils. Finally, ask them to erase those shapes and alphabets one by one. Doing so will provide them with the opportunity to recognize more and more shapes, alphabets and numbers.

Teach them about the special occasions

Whenever there are special occasions around like Christmas, Thanks giving day or Independence day, teach them about them with interesting stories related to those events. Help them make cards, gifts and icons related to those occasions. It will not only increase their information about important dates of the calendar, but will also increase their interest in arts.

Fill, complete and arrange

You can write simple sentences for them to fill in the blanks with the correct words. Teach them how to complete sentences. Provide them with words to arrange them grammatically.

Introduce them to nature and teach them how to respect it

Introduce them to nature by teaching about animals, birds, plants, forests, rivers, mountains and other elements of nature. Teach them how they can keep it clean and protect it from pollution with simple examples.

There are many other informative and learning activities like these that are being taught in some of the best nurseries in Jumeirah Village Circle.