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Safety Measures For Elevator Maintenance & Use

An elevator is an important equipment, especially to tall structures and buildings. Without it, it would be hard for anyone to go from one floor to another. Which is why you need to ensure that this equipment will work perfectly at all times. Maintenance and upkeep is important to keep the integrity of this equipment

Major elevator suppliers in UAE shared some valuable tips that can help you maintain your building elevators:

  1. Regularly check your equipment

Like any other equipment, elevators are susceptible to wear and tear, especially the old ones. You need to ensure that you schedule a regular maintenance and repair to check for possible damages on the equipment. A monthly maintenance is ideal, as opposed to doing semi-annual maintenance. You need to keep in mind that this equipment is being used on a regular basis, so it would be best to keep it checked at all times.

  1. Call maintenance for small glitches

Sometimes, small glitches like busted bulbs or buttons that are not working are not ignored since it does not hamper with the operations. But you need to get this checked and repaired immediately. Small glitches and damages can turn into major issues if not resolved. Be sure to get a repair man to fix it for you. Do not attempt to do it. You need to keep in mind that elevator system are complicated.

  1. An elevator man/girl would help

Having someone to guard your equipment is one way of taking care of it. Having an elevator guy/girl would keep the equipment clean and help operate it. Without a person guarding it, people would definitely abuse it for no reason – littering inside it and pushing all the buttons. Although it might look insignificant, it can cause some wear and tear sooner or later.

  1. Follow the loading capacity

Every equipment has their limitation. In case of elevators, it is the loading capacity. Be sure to remind people using the equipment to strictly follow the maximum loading capacity. If possible, do not maximize it. Going overboard with the load will eventually cause wear and tear.

  1. Create tips for proper use

If you cannot afford to get someone to guard your elevator, creating pointers on how to use it might help. Create a detailed list of dos and don’ts for residents and building guest. Emphasize the advantages but keep it straightforward.

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