Myths associated with at home dialysis treatment

Thanks to medical science it is now possible for humans to live longer and healthier lives. One of the most important advancement made in this regard is that of the introduction of at-home dialysis treatment. With the help of dialysis people suffering from chronic kidney diseases and malfunction can now live longer than was once thought possible.

However, people question the validity of at-home dyalisis treatment in Seychelles due to their lack of knowledge about how it works. Given below are a few myths associated with it along with a bit of information about at-home dialysis:

It will be painful

The number one myth associated with dialysis treatments of all sort is that this will be painful. However, the fact of the matter is that patients do not experience any pain as such during treatment. While some patients experience low blood pressure that further triggers headaches, vomiting, nausea or cramps, such instances are considered to be at a minimum.

Dialysis patients cannot work anymore

Another myth associated with dialysis treatment is that patients can no longer work. If truth be told, dialysis treatment is not meant to restrict patient. Yes, it changes their life rather significantly but unless suggested by the doctor, there is no reason why a patient cannot go to work or step out of their homes.

I cannot step out of my home

There is the common notion that a patient receiving dialysis treatment will forever remain homebound. On the other hand, the truth is that dialysis patients can even travel as long as they can plan things out according to their treatment. Short road trips are best in this regard. In such a case the patient should plan things out and then get his dialysis team to deliver his at-home dialysis supplies delivered in advance. If you want you can even get home dialysis machine that features a travelling case.

Dialysis is very expensive

Many people believe that a dialysis treatment at clinics in Seychelles is very costly but the truth is that with support from private health insurance the cost can easily be afforded by anyone. Apart from that there are plenty of other financial recourses focused on helping out the needy.

Just because you are being given dialysis treatment doesn’t mean that you have been handed the death sentence. Talk to your doctor and get involved in being a part of your own wellbeing.