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    Oh hello everyone! I know It’s been on and off these past few months for my blog. Running a resto may have took its toll on me and I’m truly guilty of prolonging this so called hibernation phase because I either kind of lost inspirations and topics to write about or I was too exhausted to even start taking photos or typing in at word press because of too much things to prioritize and do.

    Basically, stress keeps me from having inspiring thoughts and clear mind .I know that stress is not something new to you either, in fact It’s one of the most used up word and excuse in the universe because of the kind of environment and lifestyle we have these days. Our way of living, the stress of our daily routine and problems, pollution, food we eat, everything contributes to our well being and overall health and oftentimes bring out the worst in our mind and body. I even noticed myself gaining too much weight of which I am not happy about.  These factors led me to aspiring fitness for myself.

    It’s been four months now since I started going to the gym. Mind you, I am a very lazy person with a very sedentary lifestyle. I don’t even want to run a single bit. Except on occasions when I’m running after that last pair of shoe on the rack that is at 70% off at the mall. Even brisk walking, the most conservative type of exercise is not my kind of thing.  My cardio instead is whenever I see large SALE signs at my favorite shops. My heart beats fast and that is when I can walk swiftly without complaint. Truly I am far from being the active and athletic type and working out was something new to me so I hired a personal trainer to guide, motivate, and walk me through the process. For the first month I just had the simple basic workout training which later on progressed to Crossfit, and Circuit training afterwards. The next thing I know, I am already in love with fitness and its process – which is very timely to what I want to share with you now!

    Just the other day I got invited to take take part in the first ever YOGA RETREAT in LEYTE that is happening on February 6 & 7, 2016 at Rafael’s Farm, Babatngon, Leyte headed by our very own, Jen Pacanan- Elizalde from Tacloban and other  professional and registered international yoga teachers from Manila! This is going to be a  relaxing whole day yoga retreat that will help you de-stress and feel rejuvenated. Couldn’t be glad as well to join this event with a couple of girl friends and that includes good friend and co-blogger Apple of An Apple A Day . Hats off to this woman for being so active and athletic.

    Now let’s have some backgrounder. I know Yoga is not a new word to you. But If you think of people in seemingly impossible and weirdly twisted poses,  Yoga is much more than these. The word is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means “to unite or integrate”, It is in fact a 5000 year old Indian body of knowledge. It  is all about uniting the body with the mind and breath through the means of various breathing techniques, yoga postures, and meditations.

    It is a holistic way of life and a prayerful discipline synchronizing the mind, body and soul. Along with these series of simple, yet effective postures and breathing techniques, a greater  emphasis is placed on the inner experience of meditation, for the well-being of mind and other unseen elements of human existence. It is  believed that when one is in harmony within, the journey through life becomes calmer, happier and more fulfilled.The programs restore balance by helping to strengthen our body, calm our mind, regain our focus and improve self- assurance.

    So for those who are already into yoga, this is a great opportunity . And for the first timers like me who simply want to try something new,  what do you say, join me and let’s try this together for the first time?

    Registration Rates:

    January 18-31 : Php 1,850

    February 1-5 : Reduced to  Php2,100!!

    Inclusions :

    Yoga Mat



    PM Snacks

    For more information about the event please like the following pages:

    First Leyte Yoga Retreat

    Leyte’s Yoga Paradise

    Or you may contact:

    Jen Pacanan Elizalde +639178573349

    Chickay Obanil +639065253755

    Tickets also available at Chew Love, P Gomez St., Tacloban City

    So yes! It’s not impossible to become active and fit if you have the determination for it. Find that one program that fits you well.  Eye on the prize, I always tell myself. Because at  the end of the day, only you & yourself will benefit from this and remember, It’s never too late to start! See you soon!