Reasons for you to hire home cleaning services

For many people out there cleaning their homes is one of the most overwhelming tasks out there. While some don’t have the time to do so owing to their busy schedules, there are those too who just do not wish to put in the effort to do so. If you are one of those, then there is good news for you as you can now take on the services of home cleaning companies. A few advantages of doing so are:

Beat your schedule

If you have an extremely busy schedule, then there is a good chance that you will be struggling to keep your home clean. Instead of wasting your time, it is best for you to hire home cleaning services in Dubai that can work around your schedule and help you keep your place clean.

Come back home to a neat and tidy place

Another reason why it is so highly recommended for you to hire a cleaning service is that doing so will make it possible for you to always come back to a clean home. At the end of the day everyone wants to have a clean environment around them and that is easily possible with these services.

Focus on other things

With cleaning out of the way, you will be in the position to dedicate your time to more important things in your life. If anything, cleaning will be the least of your worries.

Regular cleaning is guaranteed

When you hire a cleaning service, they will make you sign a contract with them. This contract will ensure that your house will be cleaned on a regular basis, that too by thorough professionals. There will never be a need for you to worry about whether your home has been cleaned or not.

Their services are very reliable

Another benefit of home cleaning services is that not only are they easy to find, their services are very reliable as well. They will come to your place at a specific time to clean it up. The best part is that your place will be cleaned by thorough professionals who have been given adequate training over the years by their employers. This way, you will have nothing to worry about in terms of maintaining cleanliness around your place. All of the points mentioned above add up to the reasons why it is so highly recommended for you to hire a home cleaning service. Get more info in this regard.

Tips to help you take care of your indoor plants

The thing with house plants is that they have the potential to truly brighten up the space you place them in. Irrespective of whether you place these in your home, office or apartment, the one thing that you can be sure of is that indoor plants in Dubai will give the space a neat, tidy and freshened up look. However, it is extremely important for you to take immense care of the plants all through the year to extend their lifespan. This particularly holds true for during the winter months as these are characterized by a minimal amount of sunlight. There are a number of reasons why people prefer keeping indoor plants these days. On the one hand, there are people who keep indoor plants as a means of adding to the overall look and feel of their homes. On the other hand, there are those too who do so in order to grow vegetables and fruits. On the whole, as long as the plants match the overall theme of the interiors that you have, these are definitely going to enhance the look of your home.

Tips to keep your plants healthy

Before anything else, it is highly recommended for you to provide your indoor plants with all the right soil, lighting and temperature. On the whole, it is vital for these to match the natural environment of the plants that you have. You need to bear in mind the fact that humidity and temperature can have a rather drastic effect on indoor plants. For this reason, make sure that you buy plants in Dubai that you know will survive easily in your home or office. Do not smother your indoor plants too much, because the simple fact is that they need air. In order for your plants to grow, it is necessary for them to have both fresh and moving air, particularly during the summers. If need be, make sure that you keep a window open so that your plants can benefit from the fresh air that comes in. You can also make use of a circulatory fan for the same purpose. Next, there is a dire need for you to keep your indoor plants protected against bugs. For this purpose, it is best for you to spray an organic pesticide on to them every now and then. Make sure that you spray every part of the plant. When spraying, refrain from using cold water.

Exploring Your Tire Options – Know What To Do

As we are discussing ways to find the best tires for your car, it should be noted that there are several things to pay attention to. Before all that, you need to first find a place to buy the tires. Of course, that means you need to explore different tire shops in Abu Dhabi to make sure that your favorite tires are found, and bought for your car. Every vehicle is made of components, some of which are crucial while others are not that much. However, regardless of how good the engine, transmission, suspension and other gear of your car may be, if it lacks quality tires, it will not run smoothly. In fact, your car will run despite having a weak engine. Noisy excel or rusty suspension but it will not move an inch without tires. That’s how important tires are for every single vehicle in the world. Therefore, it only makes sense to explore your options to find the best set of tires around in the area. If you don’t find them in your area, find and purchase them online so that your car doesn’t end up standing without adequate tires. There is little doubt in the fact that every set of tire is designed different from another. That doesn’t mean the tires of the same size will not fit in another car, rather they will. However, the manufacturing process and other proprietary techniques of manufacturing tires are different. Call it formula if you like but that’s how some of the top tire brands make the best quality tires. Here is more on why you need to explore buying options before eventually deciding to purchase:

Visit Shops

It is indeed a good thing that almost all top brands are available in UAE. Part of that has to do with the fact that the country is a huge investment hub not only in the GCC region but in the world. Naturally, this means that many renowned companies are working here, selling their products to a diverse customer base. Since we are discussing tires, the possibility of you finding the right tire brand in your city is very high. So high that you might an internationally famous brand at your doorstep. All you need to do is to explore different shops and once you find the brand you were looking for, better just buy it. Even if you are looking or a brand like Goodyear UAE, you will find it here with ease.

Factors to consider when upgrading your home exterior

If truth be told, making simple upgrades to the exteriors of your home can go a long way in terms of helping you enhance its overall value. To be honest, one of the best means of gaining the attention of prospective buyers and to get them interested in purchasing your property is that of fixing up the exteriors. The best part is that it can also add to your confidence when you have guests over. However, there are a number of factors that require attention if you plan on revamping your exteriors. Paying due consideration to these elements can help make the renovation a lot easier for you. Most importantly, it will give you a basic idea about how to proceed with things as you will already have everything planned out. So what factors are these? Let’s take a look:

Your overall needs

The first and foremost element that requires your attention in this regard is that of your needs and requirements. It is vital for you to determine the aesthetic elements you wish to have in your lawn. For instance, are you interested in adding artificial grass? Do you wish to add a bit more privacy to your place by throwing in a few hedges? Determine your design so your chosen landscape contractors in Dubai can work on it easily.

Your budget

Another element that requires due attention before you start working on your landscaping project is that of your budget. It is extremely important for you to determine the amount of money you are willing to spend over landscaping. In case you have a very tight budget, then it is best for you to work on the project in phases instead of taking it as a whole.


While it is imperative for the design of your exteriors to be beautiful, there is no denying the fact that it would be of no use if it isn’t functional at the same time. While the design fulfills your aesthetic needs, it is also vital for every element involved in it to serve a specific purpose. You need to bear in mind that the overall design of your landscape should have certain technical aspects involved in it. For these to work out, it is best for you to get in touch with landscaping experts so that the technical aspects can be incorporated into the design. Read more about this and get in touch with landscaping professionals to get the job done.

5 Red Flags To Watch Out When Choosing Your Immigration Consultant

A consultant for Australia immigration from Dubai can help you in a number of ways. For one, they will be responsible for making sure that your documents are secure for filing, and most importantly, they can help you get approval for your visa application. Given the important role they play on your Canada immigration from Dubai, you need to ensure that you are getting the right person to do the job. But there will be instances that you will encounter shady immigration consultants trying to get more money from you but failed to secure your visa approval. To prevent that from happening, be sure to watch out for these red flags: No license to operate or process Immigration consultancy firms are often given the mandate to operate through business permits and licenses. If an immigration consultant offers to help you secure approval for your visa application, be sure to check their business credentials first. There are a number of shady and unregistered firms out there that will lure you with a promise of visa approval at a very low cost. Dealing with these firms can hurt your chances of getting approval and can lead to other problems such us loss of documents and overspending in terms of hidden fees. Promising immediate approval Be wary of immigration consultants that are promising to secure your visa approval within days, especially the special visas. Some visa applications can take weeks to process and get approval. It would be best if you will know the normal duration for visa processing so you won’t get scammed. Promising job opportunities Unless they are a requirement agency, do not deal with visa processing centers that offer job opportunities out of nowhere. This is some trick that shady visa processing centers offer to lure applicants who are looking for new opportunities elsewhere. They might give you a job that is not up to your alley. Low success rates An excellent immigration consultant would need to have good success rate of getting visa approved. Ask about how many visa applications they process within year and how many of those were approved. Low success rates would mean that they don’t have the capacity to process visa applications. Bad reviews and testimonials Customer satisfaction is always the aim of service providers. If you encounter an immigration consultancy firm that is riddled with negative reviews, it means that they might not be good at handling clients. It would be best to stay away from them.


Oh hello everyone! I know It’s been on and off these past few months for my blog. Running a resto may have took its toll on me and I’m truly guilty of prolonging this so called hibernation phase because I either kind of lost inspirations and topics to write about or I was too exhausted to even start taking photos or typing in at word press because of too much things to prioritize and do. Basically, stress keeps me from having inspiring thoughts and clear mind .I know that stress is not something new to you either, in fact It’s one of the most used up word and excuse in the universe because of the kind of environment and lifestyle we have these days. Our way of living, the stress of our daily routine and problems, pollution, food we eat, everything contributes to our well being and overall health and oftentimes bring out the worst in our mind and body. I even noticed myself gaining too much weight of which I am not happy about.  These factors led me to aspiring fitness for myself. It’s been four months now since I started going to the gym. Mind you, I am a very lazy person with a very sedentary lifestyle. I don’t even want to run a single bit. Except on occasions when I’m running after that last pair of shoe on the rack that is at 70% off at the mall. Even brisk walking, the most conservative type of exercise is not my kind of thing.  My cardio instead is whenever I see large SALE signs at my favorite shops. My heart beats fast and that is when I can walk swiftly without complaint. Truly I am far from being the active and athletic type and working out was something new to me so I hired a personal trainer to guide, motivate, and walk me through the process. For the first month I just had the simple basic workout training which later on progressed to Crossfit, and Circuit training afterwards. The next thing I know, I am already in love with fitness and its process – which is very timely to what I want to share with you now! Just the other day I got invited to take take part in the first ever YOGA RETREAT in LEYTE that is happening on February 6 & 7, 2016 at Rafael’s Farm, Babatngon, Leyte headed by our very own, Jen Pacanan- Elizalde from Tacloban and other  professional and registered international yoga teachers from Manila! This is going to be a  relaxing whole day yoga retreat that will help you de-stress and feel rejuvenated. Couldn’t be glad as well to join this event with a couple of girl friends and that includes good friend and co-blogger Apple of An Apple A Day . Hats off to this woman for being so active and athletic. Now let’s have some backgrounder. I know Yoga is not a new word to you. But If you think of people in seemingly impossible and weirdly twisted poses,  Yoga is much more than these. The word is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means “to unite or integrate”, It is in fact a 5000 year old Indian body of knowledge. It  is all about uniting the body with the mind and breath through the means of various breathing techniques, yoga postures, and meditations. It is a holistic way of life and a prayerful discipline synchronizing the mind, body and soul. Along with these series of simple, yet effective postures and breathing techniques, a greater  emphasis is placed on the inner experience of meditation, for the well-being of mind and other unseen elements of human existence. It is  believed that when one is in harmony within, the journey through life becomes calmer, happier and more fulfilled.The programs restore balance by helping to strengthen our body, calm our mind, regain our focus and improve self- assurance. So for those who are already into yoga, this is a great opportunity . And for the first timers like me who simply want to try something new,  what do you say, join me and let’s try this together for the first time? Registration Rates: January 18-31 : Php 1,850 February 1-5 : Reduced to  Php2,100!! Inclusions : Yoga Mat Breakfast Lunch PM Snacks For more information about the event please like the following pages: First Leyte Yoga Retreat Leyte’s Yoga Paradise Or you may contact: Jen Pacanan Elizalde +639178573349 Chickay Obanil +639065253755 Tickets also available at Chew Love, P Gomez St., Tacloban City So yes! It’s not impossible to become active and fit if you have the determination for it. Find that one program that fits you well.  Eye on the prize, I always tell myself. Because at  the end of the day, only you & yourself will benefit from this and remember, It’s never too late to start! See you soon!


For someone like me who just loves to eat and take photos of just about anything, discovering new places to dine and relax will always be a delight. Sharing them with you, a pleasure. Just right across the San Juanico Strait, in Sta Rita Samar  lies a cozy Italian restaurant on top of  a hill with a breathtaking view of the scenic San Juanico Bridge that connects Leyte and Samar islands – Pasqualino’s Ristorante. Owned and operated by the same management behind Giuseppe’s Italian-Filipino Restaurant in Tacloban City, the locals can count on savoring the same palatable line of authentic Italian dishes they’ve always loved. So if you like Giuseppe’s, you’ll like Pasqualino too!   For Reservations, Contact: Mobile 639173060122 Landline 053 3214910 Perfect for my Lazy Sundays eh!