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What is aaa hot deals

    What is AAA Hot Deals vs AAA rate?

    The regular AAA rate is supposed to be 10% off of normal rates. This AAA hot rate takes another 5% off of the AAA rate. While Marriott tells you that means it is 15% off, remember that percentages don’t quite work that way (the additional 5% comes off of the already-discounted AAA rate)

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    Does AAA offer a Costco discount?

    AAA & Costco Members Discount. AAA members receive 10% off and COSTCO members 15% off most services with valid member ID.

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    What are AAA rates?

    The AAA rate is a specially negotiated hotel rate for AAA members. To get the AAA rate, click on ‘Special Rates’ and check the AAA Rate box. You will be asked to provide your 16 digit AAA number when completing your reservation.

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    How do I get the most out of my AAA membership?

    Although Home Depot does not give AAA discounts, it offers other ways to save when buying at the store or online. If you are an AAA member, you can save by taking advantage of Home Depot’s special buys, coupons, price match guarantee, bulk price savings, and more.

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    What is the difference between AAA Classic and AAA Plus?

    AAA Classic is our core membership product that sets the standard of excellence in roadside assistance and provides safety, security, savings and peace of mind to our members. AAA Plus enhances the Classic Membership Product benefits for those members that desire a greater level of coverage.

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    Can I add my sister to my AAA membership?

    To add Members online, sign in to your account and click ?Add Someone to Your Membership? under ?Account Actions.? From there, just fill in the names, emails, and birth dates of your additional Members and click ?Add This Member.? That’s it?you’re done!

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    Does Home Depot offer a senior citizen discount?

    As the largest home improvement retailer in the U.S., Home Depot offers both loyalty and military discounts but does not currently offer senior-specific discounts.

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    Does Walmart give senior discounts?

    Does Walmart Offer a Senior Discount? Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer a discount to senior citizens. One of Walmart’s biggest competitors, Target, also does not provide a discount to older adults.

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    Does Kohl’s give senior discounts?

    We offer a 15% discount every Wednesday in our stores to customers aged 60 or better.

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    Do AAA reward points expire?

    Points expire five years after the month they were earned. Travel Reward redemptions start at 2,500 Points.

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    Do AAA points expire?

    Redeeming rewards

    Points expire five years after the month they were earned, or at the time of the account closing. Gift cards: You have the option to redeem your rewards for a variety of gift cards. The actual redemption value for these is based on the amount of points you’re redeeming.

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    How do I spend my AAA dollars?

    Q: How can I spend AAA Dollars? AAA Dollars can be used to purchase select products or services at your local AAA branch such as upgrade coverage for your annual membership, add an associate, give a gift membership, in-person driver training classes, or merchant gift cards.

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