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Where to stay in shoreditch london

    Is Shoreditch good to stay in?

    In fact, Shoreditch is one of the best places to stay in London, period. Yes, there are high end hotels and swanky bars, but a lot of Londoners live, sleep and play in Shoreditch too. Shoreditch is the best neighborhood to stay in London for those who want to experience a different side of London

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    What area in London is best to stay?

    Mayfair ? Best Place to Stay in London for Luxury With Michelin star restaurants, high-end designer stores, and chic cocktail bars, it is the perfect place to indulge yourself for a night or two. It is also a beautiful neighborhood to stroll around at night as it is often quiet and not too busy

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    What is Shoreditch London known for?

    Shoreditch now has a reputation for its vibrant street art, artisan coffee shops, rooftop bars, vintage shops and food markets and is the heart of London’s hub for small tech start-ups.

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    Is Ace Hotel Shoreditch open?

    Designed by London-based Universal Design Studio, the Ace Hotel opened in 2013, but was shuttered in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic and never reopened

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    Where should a first time tourist stay in London?

    Mayfair is the best area to stay in London for first time visitors to the city because of its proximity to Hyde Park, Green Park, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. The architecture and tiny side streets also make Mayfair one of the most instagrammable spots in London.

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    Is Shoreditch safe at night?

    Shoreditch is just as safe as central London and the West End. Crime does happen all over London so be careful and vigilant. The biggest risk you are likely to find when out in Shoreditch is pickpockets.

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    How many days in London is enough?

    Ideal Number of Days to Spend in London

    If you’re a first time visitor wanting to see the major London sights and have time to explore and get the basics of the city down, I would recommend 6 days as a great answer to how many days to see London.

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    Is Shoreditch worth visiting?

    The huge influx of art, music, food, and craft beer has brought more and more people to Shoreditch both to live, and to visit. Today, the area holds the top spot on many visitors London ‘must-see’ lists. Nearly every neighbourhood and borough in London has its’ own vibe, and Shoreditch is no exception.

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    Why did Ace Hotel Shoreditch close?

    The hotel closed in early 2020 shortly after the onset of Covid-19, and later that year it was confirmed that the property would no longer operate under the Ace Hotel brand. Operator The Lore Group subsequently unveiled plans to refurnish the hotel and reopen it under the name One Hundred Shoreditch.

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    What happened to the Ace Hotel Shoreditch?

    American hotel company Ace Hotel has permanently closed its outpost in Shoreditch, London, after shuttering the venue temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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    What happened to the Ace Hotel?

    Sign up and receive our latest news in your inbox. On Dec. 22, 2021, officials announced that Ace Hotel will shut its doors on Jan. 26.

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    What replaced Ace Hotel?

    One Hundred Shoreditch Replaces Ace Hotel Restaurants and Bars – Eater London.

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